STUDIO STUDIA is the result of a single journey of multiple directions and diverse creative disciplines. Adam Court is a British designer that has at various times lived in London, Paris, Los Angeles and Cape Town, South Africa.

With a background in fine art, Court has spent time extensively working in film, photography, fashion, product design and for the last eight years bespoke residential interiors. STUDIA is the expression of Court’s years of explorative travel and passionate creative immersion.

STUDIA product demonstrates a fascination with purity of line and contour, the beauty of the unconventional and an instinct for the paradoxical balance of asymmetry and the juxtaposition of materials.

All designs are small batch productions and are handmade to the highest standards by local artisans and specialised fabricators.

Complementing product design and forming an intrinsic component of STUDIA’s design services, the Interior Design Projects convey a keen focus on design integrity, visual clarity, bespoke elements and a restrained but distinctly personal attitude.

MANIFESTO: It is our desire at STUDIA to convey intimate and characterful narratives through the Design Arts.